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I build web sites very badly I might ad. Now I have had to and still in the process of changing the look of all my site about 5 in total. Why because they all look like a car crash. They look terrible.

So tell me something why do traffic slow down? People always slow down to see an accident.

As the corporate arm of RobReidConsultants.com which never cease to make me aware of  what is actually happening is something they call rubber necking.

My sites rank better than my mates. But only because of the attention to the time I occasionally spend to research the content.

Copy content is king I have said it again and again. Like much of the business on the net they look good really fantastic but there is no substance unlike Propertyin28days.net.

A perfect example of a one page link in 10-10-08 about property in 28 days packed with first time buyers 25% equity and funded deposits up to 35% Rics Fsa registered brokers links and buy to let information for investors.

All this page did was sit on thebigbigadvert.com. Now less than 10 months and two domains later content is still supreme.

How else can you be engaging to a growing satisfied fee paying service based members only investment site.

Web sites that look like a Car Crash work’s well for me thecopperglowshop.com. lol

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